Lampson U-Pick Blueberries

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DUKE - Large size, mild flavor and firm texture, low acidity, easy to pick, our best fresh eating berry - early season.   In 2022 we have an abundant crop of Duke, but the size is smaller than normal due a very poor bloom period with snow in the middle of April.

- Medium size, very flavorful (somewhat like huckleberries with a cinnamon twist), one of our best cooking berries, easy to pick - early season.   Our Reka crop is a little lighter than normal, but good quality.

- Our largest berry overall, mild flavor, easy to pick - mid-season.   Quite light this year, and smaller than normal size.

- Large size, firm, a bit tart and excellent for cooking, mid-season.  A bit lighter crop than normal and the same pollination/size issue as most of our varieties have this year.

- Small to medium size, most like huckleberries in flavor, slowest picking as they ripen unevenly - mid season.   Generally smaller size this year and a somewhat lighter crop.

- Variable in size, excellent unique flavor, low plants so a little harder to pick   - late season.   This year we have a good crop size and nice quality/size.

CHANDLER - Largest blueberry, mild sweet flavor - late to very late in season.   A little harder to pick than Dukes or Toros because crop is low this year.  We are trying to regenerate this block, so it was pruned very hard and as a result there is nearly no crop this year.

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