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Clark and Lyla initially planted an acre of blueberries and worried about selling all the fruit.  We currently have 9 acres in full production and do not worry about whether we can sell it all as we have amazingly ambitious customers. It helps that blueberries are a terrific tasty & healthy treat!  All our blueberries are sold on a U-pick basis.

This is the first year we will have staggered on-line appointments rather than open picking and we have lengthened our hours considerably.  We wish to maintain smaller crowd sizes to protect our many vulnerable customers and ourselves from COVID-19.  Clark and Lyla have 3 elderly parents we care for, plus our blueberry customers are skewed towards retirees and it is important to us to protect them from COVID-19.  This is also the reason we require masks at check-in/check-out and will try to maintain social distancing in the field this year.

We love our wildlife and try hard to make our farm a place that welcomes nature while still providing blueberries that are pest-free and good to eat.  Every spring we have several fawns born on our property.  There is an abundance of birds including robins, orioles, grosbeaks, cedar waxwings and others who hang out and love our blueberries - but most years they do not eat too much for us to bear.  We have about 50-75 turkeys that roost in our big old trees by the river and help us by keeping diseases down by eating downed blueberries on the ground.  The lower half of our property along the Walla Walla River is devoted entirely to wildlife, including protecting salmon in the Walla Walla River.

Due to CV-19 closing Lyla’s Thrift store, we ended up pruning our entire patch ourselves this year, and got a bit carried away.  This reduced our crop this year, but is promoting very nice growth for next year.  It is something we had needed to do for a couple of years, but it means less will be available this year.

We hope you enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and find happiness as you pick our blueberries.

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