You-Pick ONLY 2018 PRICE :
                                $2.00 per pound.

Opening Day: June 24, Sunday morning from 7am - 11am or picked out.
We will be picking Dukes, in both east and west patches and likely Reka on the west patch as well. We have a very light crop this year, with Dukes in the east patch and Toro being reasonable, everything else is very light. Quality is very nice on all varieties. We need you to recalibrate downward your aspirations for quantity this year. Next year, assuming we decide we can tolerate living in a jail, we might fence our fields so you can get more, and we can get paid for all the exercise we get running the place. On Sunday, PLEASE don't come before 7am! We have a skeleton crew helping us this year, and it will likely be a bit hectic! The weather forecast is for mid 90's, so we hope to close before noon. We will certainly run out of berries well before that. Like last year, there will likely only be 3 or 4 general picking days, and the rest by appointment. There will be Early Redhaven peaches this year from my Mom.

Questions may be e-mailed to Clark at ""